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Oh! My lady is a romantic comedy drama series aired on SBS network. Choi Si Won and the beautiful Chae Rim are the main characters of this show. Siwon plays a actor in this drama series; however he is not very good. He popular because when he shows his abs, the crowd just goes wild. Rim on the other hand plays as a 35 years old single mother trying to raise her daughter without having a permanent job.


A spunky 35-year-old housewife, Yoon Gae Hwa, takes on the job of manager to prickly top star Sung Min Woo in order to earn enough money to regain custody of her child from her ex-husband. Romantic hijinks and hilarity ensues when they find themselves in an awkward living situation as Min Woo pays Gae Hwa to take care of his daughter, Ye Eun.

Review: Although there is not a lot of information about this show it doesn’t mean that it’s not a bad drama series. Actually I love this drama series because it’s not predictable. Every time I watch television shows I always predict what will happen to increase anticipation however as you are watching the next episode all those predictions did not even come close to becoming true; that’s one of the key points. I think almost everyone likes to watch something that is totally out of ordinary and this drama series delivers. The two first cross paths when Gae Hwa was working for Min Woo as a nanny. As the show progresses their love for each other also progresses. The reason behind this was because Min Woo have a daughter he did not know about. Her mom just left her where Min Woo was staying at. They kept making deals because Gae Hwa is the only person that knows about the daughter. Siwon and Chae Rim have this chemistry that when produced it just keeps getting more and more viewers. Believe it or not this is actually a popular drama series. I think they don’t have a lot of information because they wanted the viewers to anticipate instead of knowing a lot about the show. I would rate this show 10/10 therefore you should watch it and enojoy.

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Watch it here:


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You’re Beautiful is a South Korean Drama that aired on October 7 and ended on November 26, 2009. It aired on SBS network. He’s Beautiful is the international title of the drama.


Go Mi Nyu is a sister-in-training. When her twin brother Go Mi Nam successfully auditions into the musical band A.N.JELL but is forced to leave for the United States to correct a botched plastic surgery effort but until he recover she is approached by his manager to pose as Mi Nam for the duration of his recovery. Mi Nyu was against to it at first but in order to fulfill her brother’s dream of finding their mother. Now, posing as Mi Nam, Mi Nyu enters the group A.N.JELL and meets its members; Hwang Tae Kyung, Kang Shin Woo and Jeremy.

Casting: Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye were both cast first and director Hong Sung Chang stated that the two are well-suited to convey “fresh” idol stars.[1] Lee Hongki, who was a child actor, has made his acting comeback after a break of 5 years (his last being Kkangsoon” in 2005) by being cast as Jeremy.[2] An SBS spokesperson stated that because Hong Ki is actually a part of an idol group FT Island , the “role will suit him very well.”[3] The role of Shin-woo marks Jung Yong Hwa’s acting debut, which he auditioned for whilst preparing to debut with his band C.N.Blue in Japan.

Watch it here:

International Broadcasting:


  • Airing Date: March 27, 2010
  • Broadcast Network: HTV3
  • Title: Cô nàng đẹp trai (literally, “Handsome Girl”)

Alternate Vietnamese Version

  • Title: Tình Xuân
  • Released by: Vina Distributor
  • This is another Vietnamese dub of You’re Beautiful. However the cast has completely new voice actors and also the names of the characters are converted into Vietnamese for example: Go Mi Nam was changed to Cố Mỹ Thân and Go Mi Nyu was changed to Cố Mỹ Nương, Hwang Tae Kyung was changed to Hoàng Thích Cương, Jang Shin Woo was changed to Chần Tính Vủ and Jeremy was also changed to Thế Đình Minh. Certain scenes were cut out in the release such as Mi Nyu’s first encounter with Tae Kyung in his room and A.N Jell’s trip at the Super Market.


  • Airing Date: 2010
  • Broadcast Network: Starhub
  • Title: He’s Beautiful


  • Airing Date: 2010-1-1
  • Title: 美男<イケメン>ですね

Hong Kong

  • Airing Date: 2010-4-12
  • Broadcast Network: TVBJ2
  • Title: 原來是美男


  • Airing Date: 2010
  • Broadcast Network: Channel 7 (Thailand)


  • Airing Date: 2010-5
  • Broadcast Network: ETTV
  • Title: 原來是美男


  • Airing Date: August 16, 2010
  • Broadcast Network: ABS-CBN
  • Title: He’s Beautiful/You’re Beautiful


  • Airing Date: July 26, 2010
  • Broadcast Network: Indosiar
  • Title: He’s Beautiful

Warning: As you can see the top information is copied and paste from wikipedia. This site is a one stop site so you don’t have to look for other information like wikipedia. It’s all in here.

Review: There is no doubt that You’re Beautiful is one of the most famous Korean Drama not only in Korea but internationally. What made this popular is their A.N.JELL actions toward Go Mi Nam. All the members fell in love with “him” knowing that he is a boy. Go Mi Nam looks great together with all the members; however he only loves one person and that is Hwan Tae Kyung the “bad boy” considering that he is part of A.N.JELL. Moving on; is You’re Beautiful a must watch to me its okay. You don’t have to watch it. I am really picky when it comes to these things and to me you won’t die if you don’t watch it. The problems they had to go through and the solutions are very predictable, actually the whole show is very predictable. There is not much tension in the end when they show you what will happen in the next episode because you already knew that it was going to happen. There is also weird things in this show. An example is when Hwang Tae Kyung got lost in the forest and Go Mi Nam was looking for him. If you want to know what happens then watch it or leave a comment below. :p. All in all to me You’re Beautiful is just an ordinary Korean Drama period. What I liked better is The 1st shop of Coffee Prince. I also have a review on that so please do take a look. The story is a little bit the same.

Acting: the acting is generally good. especially FT Island Lee Hong Ki. He is an amazing actor. I almost felt as if he were a real person and what I mean by that is that his character. Lee Hong Ki is one of the best actor that first debuted as a singer. Great job. All the actors are very good. Great job.

Ramil Solis opinion: I agree with you. Lee Hong Ki is really a revelation as if his character is really moving in your world. I actually like the scene where Go Mi Nam and Jeremy rode a bus and Jeremy rendered a song to her. Such a heart-felt song and I really felt sad for him, as if he is my friend who lost the girl he loves.

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Dream is a Korean drama. It is now finish and you can watch it in There are 20 episodes with English subs for those of you who don’t know Korean and the main character is Kim Bum. Kim Bum is know for his looks and he was also part of Boys Over Flowers; his role is one of the members of F4

For my review (its in the bottom) 🙂

Warning: Dream is a little bit violent because of all the punching resulting the bleeding of body parts but NOT MUCH. Dream is also not a love story.

Synopsis: Lee Jang Suk (Kim Bum) spent some time in a juvenile detention center for stealing wallets from unsuspecting strangers. After he gets out, he meets a sports agent, Nam Jae Il (Joo Jin Mo), who’s trying to recover from a downfall in his carrier. Together, they work to achieve their dreams. Jang Suk dreams of becoming a K-1 Champion; and Nam Jae Il dreams of regaining his reputation as a top sports agent.

Title: 드림 / Dream
Chinese Title : 梦想
Genre: Romance, Sports
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2009-Jul-27 to 2009-Sep-29
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


Joo Jin Mo as Nam Jae Il
Kim Bum as Lee Jang Suk
Son Dam Bi as Park So Yeon

Extended cast

Park Sang Won as Kang Kyung Taek
Choi Yeo Jin as Jang Soo Jin
Oh Dal Soo as Lee Young (Jang Suk’s father)
Lee Ki Young as Park Byung Sam (So Yeon’s father)
Park Nam Hyun as Go Kwang Pal (So Yeon’s uncle)
Lee Ah Hyun as Jung Geum Ja
Kim Woong as Maeng Do Pil
Yoo Yun Suk as Noh Chul Joong
Hong Ah Reum as Song Yu Ri
Go Chang Suk as Straw
Lee Hoon as Park Jung Chul (cameo, ep1-3)
Yun Jung Hoon as Kang Ki Jang (cameo, ep1)
Lee So Jung as Jessica
Yoo Hye Jung as Kim Sam Soon (FF’s president)
Kim Hyung Bum as FF’s Chief


Marco as Appollo
Hyun Woo as Narcissus
Bae Jung Nam as Poseidon
Julien Kang as David
Chung Lim as Achilles

Extra: This will be Son Dam Bi‘s acting debut.

Review: Dream is just another Korean drama it’s not really a must watch unless you want to see Kim Bum act cute or whatever. This was my first impression; however I realized that Dream is a story about a normal person wanting to achieve his dream and as he goes through obstacles he improves not only his skills but also his heart. Dream is about 2 guys Kim Bum the son and Oh Dal Soo the father trying to achieve their dreams. Yes I already said that however this father & son have a special relationship. Dream’s actors are also good so you can count on me that you won’t be disappointed on their acting. Kim Bum and Joo Jin Mo are “brothers” in this drama series. There is a little bit of a love story but very little and it’s between Son Dam Bi an Kim Bum; however when I do say little I do mean little. Dream is not focus on love story but focus on passion and dedication. For those people wanting to see Kim Bum star on a drama do watch this. For those people who needs inspiration or tired of love stories. Do watch this. It might get boring because you are not used to this kind of plot, but believe me Dream is not boring. As you watch this show you will often say “debak” meaning success in Korean. Why? Because you will see as they encounter and obliterate the obstacles you will feel happy for them almost like this happened in true life. As you watch this show you will want to know who wins; the enemies or the main characters. Finally when you finish the show you will learn a lot of valuable lessons when you think about it. Want to know what those valuable lessons? Oh yeah one comment. between Son Dam Bi and Kim Bum the chemistry is not really good. I would have to rate this show 6.5/10 but if you are looking for some inspiration 8/10.




// dream2.jpg

Title: 드림 / Dream
Chinese Title : 梦想
Genre: Romance, Sports
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2009-Jul-27 to 2009-Sep-29
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55

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