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Jang Geun Suk will be coming back to KBS in a miniseries called Mary Stayed out all Nightwhich is based on a manhwa that was written by the same creator of the Full House manhwa.

Although the character was originally described as the vocalist of a death metal band, now he’s been tweaked to be a free-spirited hippie who’s the lead vocalist of an indie band. His rival in the love triangle is his complete opposite: a perfect type of guy with a good background and prestigious education. For 100 days, Mary will have an “imaginary marriage” (as in simulated) with both guys; the exact circumstances remain unclear but it intrigues me.

Jang Geun-seok said, “Because Mary Stayed Out All Night is about music, I felt more burden in choosing it. I thought that I might be fixing my image with musician roles. [But] I read the synopsis and script and found it so fun that I was strongly drawn to it. In particular, I grew more and more attached to the character of Mu-gyul, who lives a bohemian lifestyle. Living a non-mainstream life, he has pain from his childhood that he tries not to show on the outside, and I found him very human and appealing.”

For the lead role of Mary, rumors popped up recently that Moon Geun-young was considering it, but no decisions have been made. It would be lovely to see her in a romantic comedy, though.

Writing the drama will be Goong and Love & Marriage‘s In Eun-ah, while directing isHong Seok-gu of last year’s lauded short drama Kyung-sook, Kyung-sook’s Father as well as the inaugural Drama Special episode, Red Candy.

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Baker King on Hiatus 😦

Due to conflicts and unresolved issues of wage and benefits the   entire Korea’s Broadcasting Union comprised of staffs, actors, singers, and artists announced late on Sunday that they will strike indefinitely – until the issues are resolved and an agreement can be made.  This means that shows such as KBS 2TV’s popular soap opera “Baker King, Kim Tak-gu,” SBS’ “Giant,” “I Am Legend,” and MBC’s “Gloria,” and “Kim Su-ro” will be put on hold for weeks if not months depending on how quickly the issue can be resolved according to a recent presss release. Additionally it states that:

“Though some shows don’t have payment issues, the possibility of cases like this occurring in the future is very likely. Unless the companies come up with systematic regulations we can agree on, we will continue our boycotts,” said the press release.

The associate contests that broadcasters have failed to pay an estimated 4,368 million won in wages to the actors, singers, comedians and others as of July 31. A statement by the chairman, Kim Eung-suk, states “Though we’ve tried our best to solve payment problems during the last two years, it was of no avail. Rather, companies and subcontractors have taken advantage of us instead.”

The association is not ruling out the possibility of resolution and have stated that they are open and willing to negotation.  However this will take time and in the meantime, viewers will be without the top dramas in the weeks to come. It is sad that Baker King a really famous drama that have to go through this situation. I hope the show will come back ASAP! What do you think?

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A Chinese version of Gossip Girl is going to be made and it was revealed that Siwon and Han Geng are both candidates for the lead role name Chuck in the Chinese remake of Gossip Girl. What will it means for both of them? Will they become rivals? Lets tune in.

Hang Geng and Siwon have a really good relationship; will this be the end of a great relationship or will it just make them stronger?

If you want to know what will happen in the future please tune in to this website as we give you the latest drama news and drama reviews.

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Playful Kiss earned $333,915 in just two episodes and yet we all know that they have low ratings. How can this be? The reason behind this is they earned it through advertisement earnings in just two broadcast. They have a 15 seconds advertisement advertising Playful Kiss time slots. One time slot cost $13,485 and in just two days they managed to sell 29 advertisement slots earning them $333,915. MBC said “The viewer ratings may have been low but we sold a lot in advertisements. It’s circumstantial evidence that the drama is worth the attention.”


Playful Kiss scores higher ratings on re-runs. The producer of Playful Kiss, Group Eight stated:

It’s true that the drama’s ratings are affected by KBS 2TV’s Baker King Kim Tak Gu, that has its own ratings of 40%+. … The success will come after Kim Tak Gu ends on the 16th. … The re-runs’ ratings were higher than the ratings of the drama’s actual broadcast. On top of that, the online and overseas reaction weren’t bad as well. … It’s safe to expect the ratings to go up in the future.

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Park Yong Jin also known as Go Jae Bok in King of Baking Kim Tak Goo was dropped due to a scandal he made. Park Yong Jin was caught running a red light during a road check he also did not cooperate with the police when he was asked to take the sobriety test.

There was much debate as to whether Park Yong Jin would be able to continue appearing on Baker King, and earlier today, the decision was finalized. A representative from the production company revealed, “After our meeting, we have decided to drop Park Yong Jin from the drama… His presence could cause the other actors to act unnaturally around him, and his departure would not affect the drama that much.’

Although the drama ends in two weeks time, it appears that he won’t be missed much since he plays a small role.

Playful kiss receives low ratings despite the main character being Kim Hyung Joong. It aired on September 1; 20010 and sadly the rating is 3.5% which is SUPER BAD. It’s even worse than Dream ratings and dream does not have a good plot. People were really interested about this drama; however Baker King or Kim Tak Gu. Baker King received a rating of 44% and My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox got 11.9%.

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