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I am back home and I will start review drama as soon as possible.

I will be going on a vacation for 1 month. I will not be able to update; however as soon as I get back I will try to put in a lot of content for you guys. Thanks.

Actor Lee Min Ho is transforming into a “sexy playboy”.

Lee Min Ho’s management company, Starhaus Entertainment, revealed that Lee Min Ho has been casted in the role of Kang Jin and will be the main lead in SBS drama “City Hunter” which is slated to air next year.

Lee Min Ho will be portraying the role of a playboy, who although is rendered helpless in the presence of beautiful women, possesses great skill and agility when solving investigations, and is also a humane character who overflows with charisma.

Since filming will commence shortly in November, Lee Min Ho will be trained for action scenes and firearms in order to portray the role of Kang Jin.
His management company informed Osen through a phone call that “There will definitely be acting practices but this time there will be things that he will have to especially prepare for. Besides action scenes, he also has to practice with firearms. Before filming commences, he will be going through a thorough training so that he can better greet the audience with the role of Kang Jin. I hope people will look forward to it.”

The drama production crew revealed that although request was put out to seek distinguished production companies and a famous cast for the drama, the production did not materialized this whole time because the original author (manga writer) insisted on perfection. It was to the extent that the drama has not even been successfully produced in Japan. This will be the first drama adaptation of the manga since it was first published 13 years ago.

The drama will be based on Hojo Tsukasa’s manga under the same name. The male leading character solves mysteries for a beautiful female client.

WGM also called as We Got Married is a really popular show in Korea. It’s a variety/reality show and one thing I can tell you that it’s hilarious. Watch out for the review. It might be a long review but I will try to make it fun for you guys. Or I might make it short and just cut down to the chase whether you should watch it or now. I dont know when the review will come out because I want to do a really goos review.


Tomorrow I will post my review for Oh! My lady. Anticipate it because this review is something you are not going to expect!

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Tomorrow I will review the famous Boys over flowers A.K.A Boys Before Flowers. I will so update some of my reviews. I would also like to thank my readers. This sote only started and I already have readers without even promoting it. Can you please help me promote it. Tell your friends and also can you tell me how to promote this site because I have already told my friends and I cant think of any other way to promote this.

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